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Kawagoe's symbol "Toki no Kane" stands out in the emotional brewery townscape.It is a bell tower that has been popular with the common people since the beginning of the Edo period, telling the time to the castle town.
It is said that it was founded about 400 years ago by Sakai Tadatsugu, who was the lord of the Kawagoe domain at that time.Since then, the bell tower and bronze bells have been burned down by repeated fires, but they were often rebuilt throughout the Edo period.
It is the 4th generation that is currently being built, and was reconstructed immediately after the Great Kawagoe Fire that occurred in 26.While one-third of the town was burned down, it was quickly rebuilt by Kawagoe merchants who had not rebuilt their own shops to tell the "time" that is indispensable for living.

Even if the times change and the method of attaching bells changes from guarding with bells to mechanical devices, it still tells the time to the townscape of Kura-zukuri as it used to be.In 8, the sound of the sound was certified by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the "100 Soundscapes of Japan to Keep".
It is a wooden three-story tower with a height of about 3 meters.The sound of the bells that ring four times a day at 16:6 am, noon, 3:6 pm, and 1:4 pm can be felt by the color of the sky, the scenery of the city, and the scent of the drifting scent. It will fully match the emotions of.

Address350-0063 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 15-7


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