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[XNUMX] We are looking for banner advertisements on our website.

Homepage banner advertisement recruitment guidelines

<Advertising page>
Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association Official Homepage
top page(
Number of accesses (number of PVs): Monthly average of 23
* This data is for reference only and does not guarantee the actual number of accesses.

<Advertising period>
As a general rule, the period from the first day to the last day of each month is one month, and it can be posted on a monthly basis. (Maximum 1 months)

<Advertising fee>
Per frame (tax included)

Post periodMonthly advertising feeDiscount amount per month
1 months12,100yenNot eligible for discount
6 months (half a year)11,000yen1,100yen
12 months (1 year)9,900yen2,200yen
* For long-term continuous posting for 6 months or more, a discount will be applied from the total price.

Size: 200 pixels wide x 50 pixels high
Image format: Still image in gif or jpg or png format

Please refer to "Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association Homepage Banner Advertising Regulations" for details such as posting standards.

<How to apply>
Please check the contents of the following advertisement placement rules, fill in the required items on the advertisement placement application form, and apply by mail, fax, or e-mail.
* Please submit the application form at least one month before the month you wish to start advertising.

Submit to
(Kosha) Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association
350-0056-2 Matsue-cho, Kawagoe-shi, 1-8
TEL: 049-227-9496 / FAX: 049-227-9497
Business hours: 8: 45-17: 30 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

<Flow until publication>
① Please submit the application form as above.
(1) The Tourism Association will notify you whether or not to place an advertisement. (It may take about a week from application).
③ Please submit the banner advertisement manuscript data by e-mail by the due date.
④ Please pay the advertisement placement fee on the invoice issued by the Tourism Association by the due date. (Advance payment system)
⑤ When the publication date arrives, please check the placement of the advertisement. (In principle, it will be posted from 12:XNUMX am on the publication start date).