2. To school officials and students

◎ For school officials who come to Kawagoe City for extracurricular lessons such as excursions, we have prepared a Q & A that summarizes useful information for exploring Kawagoe City. Click here for the guidelines. for more information.

◎ In off-campus learning, we have released learning materials (PowerPoint) that can be freely processed and used, which summarizes information such as memo fields such as schedules and courses of the day, emergency contact information, etc. Click here for the guidelines.Please take advantage of.

◎ If you are a school official or student who wishes to have a questionnaire (hearing) about sightseeing in Kawagoe with our tourism association, please check the following [Notes] and apply using the application form or application form.If you wish to hear, we will contact you as soon as the date and time are decided.

Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association FAX 049-227-9497 Agree to the above and download the application form PDF format Word format


  • Please apply at least one week before the desired visit date (desired response date)
  • We may not be able to accept your request due to business reasons.
  • Depending on the content of the question, we may introduce other institutions.
  • Please limit the number of people to XNUMX including the leader.
  • Available hours are from 9:30 to 12:00 / 13:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.
  • Please respond within 1 hour as a guide.


confirmation screen

Those who select "Questionnaire (written / email)"

For those who select "Written": Please enter the "mailing address" or "fax number".

Postal Code Automatic address input

Those who select "Hearing (visit)"


The Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") recognizes the importance of personal information in the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the Act)", strives to thoroughly protect it, and trusts customers. In order to obtain the information, we will handle personal information as follows.

About the purpose of use of personal information

The association will clearly indicate the purpose of use of the customer's personal information to the customer when acquiring the personal information, or publish it on the Internet homepage, etc., and handle the personal information within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use.About personal information to be acquired

In order to provide better service to our customers, we may collect your personal information to the extent necessary for questionnaires and e-mail delivery services.We will collect it by legal and fair means.When collecting personal information from anyone other than the customer, the consent of the customer shall be obtained.

About the safety management of personal information

Our association will carry out appropriate safety management by taking necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, unauthorized access, etc. of the acquired personal information of customers.

Provision / disclosure to third parties

The Association will not provide or disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, except as provided in the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other laws and regulations.

Provision / disclosure to outsourced companies

The association may provide the outsourced business with the personal information of the customer necessary to achieve the purpose of use.Our association will appropriately instruct and supervise the handling of customer's personal information of outsourced companies.

Disclosure, change, etc. of customer's personal information

The Association will promptly respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of the customer's personal information held by the customer himself / herself.

Review of privacy policy

The content of this privacy policy is continuously reviewed and subject to change without notice, so please read it regularly.

● Contact information
Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association
Address: 350-0056-2 Matsue-cho, Kawagoe-shi, 1-8
TEL: 049-227-9496