Koedo Kawagoe special feature

I get lost because there are so many.
The town is full of cute and delicious sweets ♪

Kawagoe's B-class gourmet, thick noodle fried noodles and dumplings!
There are also many delicious restaurants!

Famous for the god of marriage!Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, the total guardian of Kawagoe.
I definitely want to go to the summer event "Enmusubi Wind Chime"!

There are kimono rental shops in the city that you can easily enjoy ♪
It is recommended to take a walk in kimono!

Hanatemizu can be seen at shrines and temples and shops in the city.
A must-see spot where you can feel the seasons!

There are many spots in Kawagoe where you can feel the seasons!
Let's leave a photogenic one ♪

The historic real townscape has different expressions depending on the time of day
to change.The night scenery is also full of atmosphere ♪

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