2. Tourism Association Information

What is Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association?

Aiming for dynamic activities, we will further power up.
Thank you for your cooperation.

 The Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association, a public interest incorporated association, first considers the ideal image of tourism in the future, and first works on a business that serves as a comprehensive contact point.While launching a website, publishing information magazines, and certifying Koedo Kawagoe brand products, we will accurately respond to the needs of tourists, members, the media, and external organizations.And in the near future, while keeping pace with tourism-related organizations in the city, we will play the role of a top organization that coordinates and supervises the whole, and will strongly promote the business.Tourism is said to be the "total finish of town development."Based on your thoughts and opinions, we aim to become the ideal tourism industry city, Kawagoe, step by step.We need your help to develop more specific businesses and realize the benefits of membership.Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Jewelry business

As for the incorporation business, we will do the following

  1. Tourism introduction, promotion and promotion of tourist attraction
  2. Implementation of sponsorship projects and contract projects for tourism promotion, subsidies and sponsorships for tourism projects implemented by other organizations
  3. Securing and developing tourism resources and promoting the development and improvement of tourism facilities
  4. Surveys, research, collection of materials and provision of information on tourism
  5. Operation and consignment of tourist facilities such as tourist information centers
  6. Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Society

Member benefits

As a member's privilege, we will do the following

  1. Member introduction for tourist inquiries
  2. Member introduction for coverage of TV, magazines, etc.
  3. Posting member information and linking to the homepage
  4. Member information posted in information magazines distributed to tourists
  5. Certification and recommendation of products produced or sold by members (Koedo Kawagoe brand products)
  6. Setting up and providing a contact point for member-created pamphlets
  7. Creating a place for information exchange by members

Enrollment procedure

○ Annual membership fee 1 unit 2,000 yen 5 units or more Please fill in the required items on the membership application form and apply.

* It may take some time because the approval of the board of directors is required.note that.

  • Registration PDF
  • Membership application form PDF

<Contact information>
Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association
Address: 350-0063 Saiwai-cho, Kawagoe City, 4-1, Japan. Second floor of Resona Coedo Terrace
TEL / FAX 049-227-9496 / 049-227-9497

Information disclosure

This material is published based on the permission to establish a public interest corporation and the guidance and supervision standards.

  • Prospectus of establishment PDF
  • articles of incorporation PDF
  • List of officers (as of May 6, 5rd year of Reiwa) PDF
  • Member list PDF

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