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Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane)


Kawagoe is a town with a long history.
Many traditional candy shops and sweets shops can be found throughout the city in other locations besides the nostalgic candy shops found in Kashiya Yokocho (Candy Shop Alley), which was founded in the early Meiji Period.
The sweets vary from traditional sweets made using the same process as in the old days to sweets using sweet potatoes which are a Kawagoe specialty. Each shop has a unique method of producing these sweets so they all have a different taste and appearance.
At shops that allow you to observe the process, you can also taste the flavor of freshly made sweets.

Traditional Edo Flavor Made with Meticulous Care


Koedo Kawagoe is known as a city with leftover remnants of the Edo Period and is a tourist spot visited by many people. The Kawagoe flavors enjoyed by visitors are made by chefs who closely examine and select ingredients and follow traditional processes to create each specific flavor.
Ingredients grown by maximizing the natural features of the region and the recipes created to fully bring out flavor is what supports the distinct flavors of Kawagoe.
These are all special flavors that we would like you to encounter.

Traditional Craftwork that Explains History


The many festival items and festival related folk handicrafts are popular as gifts. Items full of warmth and nostalgia are not only great as gifts and souvenirs, but are also loved by the local people.
Kawagoe's local handicrafts are also a big interest among foreign visitors as items that carry the old tradition and craft skills of Japan.

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Illustration of Kawagoe