Traditional Food

The flavor of Koedo Kawagoe is filled with history and tradition through the special potato dishes

Eel dishes

Eel dishes

In Kawagoe, there are many eel shops. Kawagoe became popular with eel dishes during the Edo Period. Back then, it was forbidden to eat pork and other meats. The source of protein for the people of Kawagoe, which has no seas surrounding the area, was mainly carp, loach and eel caught in Iruma River and Arakawa River.The eel was cooked with a sweetened soy sauce that was a specialty product.The charcoal boiled eel cooked with this special soy sauce quickly became popular among the general public due to the 'Eel of Doyo (the hottest period of summer)' that Hiraga Gennai started.Prior to the war, eel from the local district were common, but now fresh eel from all over the country is brought in. Each shop then cooks charcoal boiled eel using their own original sweetened soy sauces based on secret recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Potato dishes

Potato dishes

Kawagoe is known for its sweet potato. From long ago, sweet potatoes were roasted and eaten as a snack by the common people. During and after the war when food was scarce, the sweet potato was an important staple food for many people. Even though the actual harvest has decreased, sweet potatoes from all over the country can be found in Kawagoe, which is still known as the the City of Sweet Potatoes. In the past, the most common way of cooking sweet potatoes was roasting and steaming. However, as times changed, many cooks who specialized in this specific ingredient came up with various ways of cooking it. Now you can enjoy various types of potato dishes such as the rare "potato kaiseki" dishes, potato soba noodles, potato udon noodles, potato desserts and others.

Edo-style sushi

Edo-style sushis

Since Kawagoe and Edo have had a long relationship, Edo's cuisine was passed down to Kawagoe along with urban city living.
You can experience making Sushi, known as the most popular Japanese dish in the world.
Why don't you learn about the intricacies of Japanese traditional restaurants and cuisine, and try your own Sushi ?

Kaiseki dishes are what a host serves their customers during a tea ceremony. The dark tea is always the main part of the tea ceremony, so light and simple dishes were served

Kaiseki Dishes (Tea Ceremony Dishes)

Kaiseki Dishes

before the tea. This was the beginning of kaiseki dishes. Kaiseki dishes are also known as a "dish of pleasure". Each dish is served in a special order, allowing you to see, taste and enjoy the blessings of nature. In Kawagoe, there are many renowned ryokan (Japanese style inns) and ryotei (Japanese style restaurants) which have been visited by various celebrities and famous people. This exquisite style of cuisine can be enjoyed under a calm atmosphere with a distinct historical style overlooking beautifully maintained gardens.

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