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In Ko-edo kawagoe, there is a whole menu befit for the "town of history", where you can experience Japanese tradition and culture . After taking a walk in the street of kura-style houses, how about experiencing some Japanese culture and tradition?


※Please keep in mind that the content of the plan may change.

For details, please contact the sightseeing inquiry office of Kawagoe station of Kawagoe City (TEL. 049-222-5556).


Experience wearing a kimono (traditional Japanese garment)

In line with Kawagoe's reputation as a city "made for wearing a kimono," a range of events and services in Kawagoe make wearing a kimono fun for everyone. The 18th of every month is designated Kawagoe Kimono Day, and many shops offer special services to customers who visit wearing a kimono or yukata (summer kimono).


Experience eating Japanese style

Enjoy eating in Japanese-style room at a traditional restaurant, sitting on tatami mats at a low table while savoring the delicious foods and taking in the seasonal ambiance. Many writers and artists have visited Japanese inns and restaurants in Kawagoe. Eating seasonal kaiseki ryori, a menu of set courses served on an individual tray, in a Japanese-style room imbued with historic charm while gazing at an elegant Japanese garden carefully cultivated to highlight the season of Musashino is a true Japanese experience.


Shrine visit experience

Tsukinami no Matsuri is held on the 1st and 15th of every month, and the Ryoen Kigan (good match) Festival on the 8th and 4th saturday of each month, at Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe, and on these days you can visit the shrine. Also known as "O-Hikawa-sama," Kawagoe's Hikawa Shrine has a history of about 1500 years, and as Kawagoe's central shrine it is well-known for the devout reverence it inspires.


Tea experience

In Kawagoe they regularly hold the Koedo Kawagoe Daichakai, a tea ceremony in which anyone can participate freely without constraints based on clothing or formalities. It is an authentic tea ceremony, so there are even tea ceremony seats available for people who have no knowledge of the ceremony.


Experience sake tasting

Let your taste buds experience sake tasting at Koedo Kurari. Saitama prefecture is a hidden gem of sake production, as sake brewing thrived here along with regional development after the Tokugawa Shogunate came to power in Edo in 1603. Enjoy comparing different brands of Saitama-produced sake renowned for their top-class quality, taste and aroma.


Original glass-making experience

You can make your own original glass creation. You get to consider the color, shape, etc. on your own, heat up the glass in the melting furnace, and determine the size and shape of the glass while blowing it yourself. Return from your trip with the memory of creating an original work of your own using a variety of tools that you normally couldn't get your hands on.


Rickshaw experience

You can take a rickshaw ride and enjoy shopping and the like while viewing the historic buildings lining the streets of Kawagoe while relaxing in the rickshaw. The rickshaw experience began in June 2003 and is located on Taisho Roman Yume Dori. One reason for the rickshaw's popularity is that it allows you to enjoy sightseeing without worrying about cars or people.
Kawagoe Jinrikiya / Kawagoe Rickshaw Itsukiya


Candy-making tour (Dagashiya Yokocho)

On Dagashiya Yokocho (Candy Alley) you can see manufacturing processes preserving the techniques and traditions of careful, handcrafted candy-making. You can enjoy the craftsmanship that they use to make candy in a variety of colors as well as shapes from mizuame (candy syrup) and sugar. Experience the warmth unique to handmade candy.

Kawagoe High Light Group Tour

Discover and experience more deep Kawagoe not only “Ware house” town.
price is 3,000yen per person.
time table:11:00am~1:00pm/2:00pm~4:00pm
※participants : 2person or more
※Booking is available by 2days before
※Booking by QR code on the leaflet
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