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Koedo Kawagoe offers a wide selection of delicious sweets and cuisine made using local specialties as well as time-honored traditional crafts. Enjoy looking for unique souvenirs to remember your visit to Kawagoe.



Shiki-saisai Bento

Enjoy a bento (box lunch) made with generous portions of fresh local ingredients in a colorful arrangement representing the season. Relax and savor the seasonal specialties carefully prepared with heartwarming hospitality to delight both the eye and the palate.


Koedo Kawagoe Kurobuta Yakiton

Skewers of Sai no kuni Kurobuta, a renowned brand of Berkshire pork from Saitama raised on the Ono Farm, are slowly grilled to perfection. Savor the tender cuts of subtly sweet pork fat and richly flavorful meat.


Kurazukuri Monaka Misegura

This bean-jam-filled wafer is called monaka and takes its shape from Kawagoe's famous kura (storehouses). Since its founding in 1887, Kurazukuri has used azuki beans grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido in its carefully prepared coarse bean paste. Offering the same flavor today as in generations past, Kurazukuri Monaka Misegura is one of Kawagoe's most famous sweets.


Sweet Potato Beniaka-kun

Finely pureed sweet potato is blended with generous portions of premium fresh butter and cream from Hokkaido to create a moist and rich cake texture. The sublime sweet-potato flavor will melt in your mouth.


Sweet Potato Au Lait Daifuku

This daifuku sweet in a kura (storehouse) shape wraps sweet potato filling and fresh whipped cream in smooth rice cake dough. Cut squares of sweet potato dipped in honey give off a slightly fruity aroma. The daifuku is made with rice flour from Niigata Prefecture and azuki beans from Hokkaido.


Imo Hyakugei Poku Poku

Finely pureed sweet potato is blended with sweetened beans into a paste, dusted with cinnamon and baked. The fragrant cinnamon accentuates the sweet potato's hearty flavor, a simple combination that has become one of Kawagoe's most renowned sweets.

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