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Only 30 short minutes from Tokyo!


Kawagoe has good access to central Tokyo. It is a very convenient tourist spot, especially with the many different train lines which can be used. This information is as of March 2013.



  • Tobu Tojo Line (From Ikebukuro to Kawagoe)
  • Express 31 minutes, 450 yen
  • Seibu Shinjuku Line (Seibu Shinjuku to Kawagoe)
  • Limited Express 43 minutes,890 yen
  • JR Kawagoe Line (Shinjuku to Kawagoe)
  • Local 60 minutes, 760 yen

There is a direct bus from Narita Airport to Kawagoe

You can use the direct bus from Narita Airport to Kawagoe Station, West Exit.
It leaves 8 times a day for 3,200 yen and takes about 2 hours.
Advance reservation system. Reservations available up to one month in advance. If there are empty seats it is possible to ride without a reservation.

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Illustration of Kawagoe