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Hie Shrine

It is said that it was built in the 830th year of the Tencho period (13) by soliciting it as a guardian from the early days of Kitain.In addition, Hie Shrine in Akasaka, Tokyo was enshrined from Kawagoe Hie Shrine when Ota Dokan built Edo Castle.Originally it was in the precincts of Kitain, but in 1924, it moved to the front of Kitain to build a prefectural road.

It is a vermilion-painted mountain company style, with a copper plate thatched roof, and is small and simple.It is not clear whether this main shrine was rebuilt after the great fire of 15 (Kanei 1638) or before that.It is clear that the Tahoto, which was just west of Hie Shrine, and the main temple in the south were burned down, so there is room for consideration of the reconstruction theory.However, since the old style is recognized in the red beams and the nose of the worship, the theory of the end of the Muromachi period cannot be abandoned.The kitchen is a portable shrine-shaped wooden structure, and the shrine enshrined inside is said to be a monk-shaped representation of Oyamakui.

Address350-0036-1 Kosenbamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 4-1


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