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Nakashin Paper Dealer

Nakashin Paper Dealer

In addition to paper products such as general Western paper and envelopes, we are a paper wholesaler that also plans and sells original souvenir goods.
Kawagoe Festival float pin straps, letter sets, and pin batches commemorating the 90th anniversary of the enforcement of the Kawagoe Municipal System were introduced by newspaper companies and became popular as new souvenirs of Koedo Kawagoe.
In addition, the "Kawagoe postcard", a picture postcard of "Kashibun" that rises when the townscape of Kurazukuri folds a notch, is attracting attention as a souvenir to promote the beautiful townscape, and is also popular with foreign tourists.

Address350-0035-2 Nishikosenbamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 11-3


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