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Founded in 20.
It is a long-established Japanese sweets shop with 46 stores in Saitama prefecture.
We accept mail-order sales, telephone orders, fax orders, corporate support, etc.

■ Store information
"Kurazukuri Honpo Kubomachi Main Store" 350-0055 Kubomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama 5-3 TEL: 049-225-0030
"Kurazukuri Honpo Yoshidashinmachi Store" 350-0808-2 Yoshidashinmachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 5-9 TEL: 049-234-7181
"Kurazukuri Honpo Kasumigaseki Store" TEL: 350-1103-1 in Kasumigaseki Station, 1-1-049 Kasumigaseki, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 231-1843
"Kurazukuri Honpo Furuya Factory Store" 350 Furuyakami, Kawagoe City, Saitama 0001-5323 TEL: 049-230-1488
"Kurazukuri Honpo Ichibangai Store" 350-0063 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama 2-16 TEL: 049-225-5252
"Kurazukuri Honpo Satsumaimo Café" TEL: 350-0063-2 in Ichibangai, 16-049 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 225-5252
"Kurazukuri Honpo Shinkawagishi Ekimae Store" 350-1133 Sunaji Kamehara, Kawagoe City, Saitama 936-8 TEL: 049-241-3265
"Kurazukuri Honpo Shinjuku Store" 350-1124-6 Arajukumachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 1-9 TEL: 049-241-3583
"Kurazukuri Honpo Shintomicho Store" 350-0043-2 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama 3-2 TEL: 049-222-3747
"Kurazukuri Honpo Seibu Honkawagoe Pepe Store" 350-0043 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama 1-22 TEL: 049-226-8030
"Kurazukuri Honpo Matoba Store" 350-1101-1 Matoba, Kawagoe City, Saitama 14-13 TEL: 049-239-5088
"Kuradukuri Honpo Fujima-tei" 350-1142 Fujima, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 496-4 TEL: 049-246-2281
"Kurazukuri Honpo Kawagoe City Ekimae Store" 350-0041-1 Rokkenmachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama 1-2 TEL: 049-222-1598
"Kuradukuri Honpo Atre Maruhiro Store" 350 Wakitamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 1122-105 Atre Maruhiro Store B1 TEL: 049-226-7008
"Kurazukuri Honpo Koedo Kurari / Kawagoe Fukuzo Store" 350-0043-1 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 10-1 TEL: 049-228-1781

There are also stores outside the city.Please see the homepage for details.

Address350-0055 Kubomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 5-3


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