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Kawagoe Hachimangu

Kawagoe Hachimangu was founded by Kai Morimoto Minamoto no Yorinobu in the 1030rd year of Chogen (XNUMX) during the time of Emperor Go-Ichijo after the XNUMXth generation.
In the first year of Chogen (1028), Taira no Tadatsune, the lord of the castle in Shimousa (Chiba), attempted a rebellion against the imperial court, subduing the three countries of Awa, Kazusa, and Shimosa, raising a large army and attacking Musashi Province. rice field.This turbulence is said to be the Nagamoto turbulence and could not be suppressed for three years.Minamoto no Yorinobu Kai, who was a leading samurai, was given the slogan of Taira no Tadatsune in the XNUMXrd year of Chogen.
Minamoto no Yorinobu prayed for victory here and slashed into the enemy, but Tadatsune's army was immediately disturbed.Then, for three days and three nights, I sought after and finally settled the turbulence.
Yorinobu was deeply grateful to God's divine power and immediately created Hachimangu Shrine here.
Since then, it has been worshiped as a "god of competition", and especially today, there are many prayers for victory by examinees and athletes.In addition, many tourists visit the precincts because there is a sumo shrine that is beneficial to the health of the legs, including the sacred tree "Matching Ginkgo" that was planted in commemoration of the birth of His Majesty the Emperor (December 8, 12). I'm visiting.
The approach to the red-painted lanterns has been selected as the "Urban Landscape Point Award" in Kawagoe City, and the Miyaji Family Gate has been selected as the "Important City Landscape Building".

Address350-0045 Minamitorimachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 19-1


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