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Senba Toshogu

Speaking of Toshogu, Nikko Toshogu, which enshrines Ieyasu Tokugawa, is famous, but Senba Toshogu is one of the three major Toshogu in Japan and is adjacent to the south side of Kitain.
In 2, Ieyasu Tokugawa died in Sunpu, and while the remains were being relocated from Shizuoka to Mt. Nikko, a four-day memorial service was held at Kitain by the Tenkai monk. 1616) It was erected.
Five years later, in 5, a large fire called "Kanei's Great Fire" left the Kitain mountain gate and burned it down, but when Tokugawa Iemitsu ordered the reconstruction of Kitain, the Toshogu shrine first. It was rebuilt and completed in 15 (Kanei 1638).
The main shrine, Karamon, Mizugaki, Haiden, Heiden, Zuijinmon (upper left in the photo), and Ishitorii, all of which are brilliantly lacquered, are designated as important cultural assets. It has a fine carving that is just right for the name.A statue of Ieyasu is enshrined inside the main hall, and as a cultural property in the possession, Iwasa Matabei Katsutoshi's "Thirty-Six Kasen Picture Amount" dedicated by Tokugawa Iemitsu is a cultural property designated by the prefecture. There are XNUMX hawk paintings dedicated by Shigeji Abe Tsumamori, the lord of Iwatsuki Castle.
The entrance door in front of the hall of worship with the magnificent Mitsuha Aoi crest (lower right in the photo) and the stone lantern engraved with the inscription of Kawagoe Castle, a senior vassal of the Edo Shogunate, make us feel the weight of history. Give me.

[Opening times] Guided tours available only on Sundays and public holidays from 10am to 3pm

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