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Confectionery Yokocho

Kawagoe's famous spot "Kashiya Yokocho" is lined with about 30 confectionery shops on a cobblestone road studded with colorful glass.There are many confectionery shops that convey the simple and nostalgic taste of the past, and once you step in, everyone feels like they have returned to their children.The fragrant scent of soy sauce, candy and mint candy, candy and dumplings, and candy and honeycomb toffee made by traditional methods, there are many candy that you can't help but say "Ah this!".It's a place where everyone, from generations to generations, will be thrilled, whether it's an adult who holds a XNUMX-yen coin and twists his head to decide whether to make it or not, or a child who doesn't know much about candy.
The humane atmosphere of Yokocho, the dashing voice of the call, and the simple, nostalgic and warm street corners give people peace of mind even when the times change. The simple and nostalgic scent of "Kashiya Yokocho" was selected as one of the "13 Kaori Landscapes" by the Ministry of the Environment in 100.

Address350-chome, Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 0062-2


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