A trip to enjoy Koedo Kawagoe overnight
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There are many attractions in Koedo Kawagoe!
Why don't you enjoy Kawagoe slowly on an overnight trip?
Lots of fashionable and cute shops and historic buildings!

Enjoy Kawagoe's classic spots such as Ichibancho and Kashiya Yokocho ♪
It is also recommended to go out with a rental kimono.

Tantoku Garden

At the Meiji mansion, which shows seasonal expressions,
How about relaxing matcha experience and making Wasanbon?


There are many shops in Kawagoe where you can enjoy dinner!
Let's go to the shop that the locals go to!

At a long-established restaurant founded in the first year of the Meiji era
Have a high class dinner!

Ryotei Yamaya

At the counter of a popular sushi restaurant
In a relaxed manner.

Kawagoe Ko Sushi

With the amazing dishes that the chef is particular about
Enjoy the pairing of sake ♪


Speaking of Chinese food, here!
Very satisfied with the delicate taste ◎

Chinois Renho
Chinois Renpo

Coedo Brewery's beer tank
An attached stylish restaurant



Introducing the shops you want to visit from the morning ♪

At the morning buffet
Enjoy Saitama's ingredients!

in the park

In the morning, with a special espresso
Let's refresh!


10 to 20 minutes on foot

SPOT you want to visit early in the morning

Let's live in Kawagoe in the morning!

Morning visit at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, the god of marriage

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Only 20 in the early morning
Be distributed
Matchmaking ball

Stretch your legs a little and take a walk in Isanuma ♪
* About XNUMXkm away from the area around Ichibancho


15 to 20 minutes on foot

Visiting museums and museums

Discover more charm in Kawagoe, which has a long history!

For regional history and culture
Let's touch it!

Kawagoe City Museum

Works of art and paintings related to Kawagoe

Kawagoe City Museum

A facility where you can browse books about Kawagoe.
Also pay attention to the building!

Asahisha Bunko

(Misu Utsugu Memorial Hall)
The work of the late Mr. Shimomisu is exhibited.
Don't miss the building designed by Toyo Ito

Yaoko Museum

The oldest painter in the Meiji era,
A museum where you can appreciate the works of Mr. Masakuni Hashimoto

Yamazaki Museum

5 to 10 minutes on foot


Lunch at a well-known local store!

An old-fashioned Western-style restaurant.
The roll cabbage is excellent!

Bistro Okada

Retro soba noodles
Please at the shop of signboard architecture ♪


Built in the XNUMXth year of the Taisho era, it is a Japanese-style restaurant with a view of the garden.
The 2nd floor tatami room is also recommended!


15 minutes on foot

Take a leisurely stroll around Kitain

Thinking about your thoughts in the Edo period ...

Kawagoe's famous temple is famous for its spring cherry blossoms.From Edo Castle
Of the relocated "Birth of Iemitsu" and "Lady Kasuga Makeup"
In addition, you can also see the XNUMX Arhats.


It is said to be a temple related to Toson Shimazaki, and the tea room, Fusetei
Famous.It is still loved by people who enjoy the tea ceremony
increase.The weeping cherry blossoms in the precincts are also famous.

Intermediate Court

Ichinomiya of the three major Toshogu shrines.The shrine and tower gate are old national treasures (important cultural properties)

Senba Toshogu

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