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[U_PLACE x Saiboku] Gourmand Fair Information [6/3 (Friday) -6/19 (Sunday)]

2022.05.10 IR News

I want to eat thoroughly! LOVE 💗 PORK

It is a very popular gourmet fair to commemorate the 2nd anniversary ♪
This year, we will have a lineup of delicious dishes using the safe, delicious, and fresh brand pork "Golden Pork" from "SAIBOKU".
You can only eat the special dishes of each store at this time in June.
Would you like to have a delicious experience during the period?
We look forward to your visit.

【Holding period】

June 2022rd (Friday) -June 6th (Friday), 3Day


U_PLACE (8-1, Wakitahoncho, Kawagoe City)

♢ Please see the following site and leaflets for the details of the event.

Event | U_PLACE | Official Homepage (