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Shiki Theater Company Musical "Robot in the Garden"


[Opening date] August 2022, 8 (Friday) Open 19:17 Start 15:18

[General ticket sales] From June 2022, 6 (Wednesday)

[Fee] (All seats reserved) S seat: 9,900 yen A seat: 6,600 yen B seat: 3,300 yen

[Venue] Westa Kawagoe Large Hall

[Performance] Shiki Theater Company

  If it's about to break, you can fix it.Family ties and robots.

The encounter with a fragile robot begins to move the life of a man who has stopped again.

The novel "Robot in the Garden", created by the British writer Deborah Install in 2015, is loved by many fans all over the world.
Shiki Theater Company has set such a story as an original musical.

A trouble-filled journey by a man with a wound in his heart and a fragile robot.
Leaving the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan ... and eventually the two will communicate with each other ...
We will color the story of growing up, noticing important things, with original music and gorgeous production.
Why don't you go on a heartwarming journey with a robot?

* Please refrain from entering children under 3 years old.

Kawagoe Municipal 100th Anniversary

For details, Westa Kawagoe homepage (external site).

Inquiries: Westa Kawagoe Designated Manager NeCST (Next)
     1-17-17 Arajukumachi, Kawagoe City 049-249-3777

Access: Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the west exit of "Kawagoe Station" on the JR Kawagoe Line and Tobu Tojo Line (by train)
     Approximately 2.5km from Kawagoe IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway (in the case of a car)