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[Saimei-ji] Notice of "XNUMXrd Kawagoe Hanatemizu Photo Contest"

2022.02.28 IR News

The "Kawagoe Hanatemizu Photo Contest", which was held twice last spring and autumn, will be held for the third time from Saturday, March 2th.

As in the previous time, the participating stores will be "Kawagoe Hachimangu" and "Unix Kawagoe" in addition to "Saimei-ji", "Ayanoka", "Sunny Side Terrace" and "Hyakkaya". It became 🌸

Please post the Hanatemizu taken at any of the 5 locations for about 8 months until May 2 on Instagram with the hashtag "#Kawagoe Hanatemizu Photo Contest" 📸

[Recruitment period]

June 4 (Sat) to June 3 (Sun)
* Hanatemizu before March 3th is not eligible for selection.

For details on how to apply and the contents of prizes, please see the website of Saimei-ji Temple below.

3/5 The XNUMXrd Kawagoe Hanatemizu Photo Contest will be held. – Notice from Saimyo-ji Temple (

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