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[Westa Kawagoe] Kawagoe elementary school students plan a concert! "Surprised! !!Magic Castle Concert "

2021.11.25 News

"Let's make a work experience concert in the hall! 』Participants, original concert planned by 4 elementary school 6th to 6th graders!From famous classical music to anime songs that everyone knows, we will deliver performances with magical instruments.
Admission is possible from 0 years old.Please enjoy with your family.  

* "Let's make a hall work experience concert! Is
A workshop project in which 6 elementary school students from 6th to XNUMXth grade in Kawagoe City, selected by open recruitment, create original concerts.
The purpose is to foster rich sensibilities and creativity by allowing children to come into contact with cultural arts.
Through seven activities from September to January of this year, Westa Kawagoe staff continues to work on deciding concert programs and producing leaflets.

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"Surprised! !!Magic Castle Concert "
Date and time: Sunday, January 2022, 1 Open 30:13 Start 30:14
Price: <All seats are free> Adults (high school students and above) 1,000 yen Children (junior high school students and below) 500 yen
* Admission is possible from 0 years old. Free above knees under 3 years old, charge if seating is required.
Venue: Westa Kawagoe Rehearsal Room (Small Hall)
Cast: Lurot Orchestra 

Hermann Necke / Kusikos Post
Koichi Sugiyama / Overture to "Dragon Quest I" etc. 

Organizer: Designated administrator NeCST (Next)
Cooperation: Kawagoe City Facility Management Corporation For detailsWesta Kawagoe homepage (external site).
Inquiries: Westa Kawagoe Designated Manager NeCST (Next)
     1-17-17 Arajukumachi, Kawagoe City 049-249-3777
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the west exit of "Kawagoe Station" on the JR Kawagoe Line and Tobu Tojo Line (by train)
     Approximately 2.5km from Kawagoe IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway (in the case of a car)