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[Westa Kawagoe] Koedo Kawagoe Ninth Party Concert

2021.10.18 Topics

What is Koedo Kawagoe Ninth Association?
It is a citizen-participation group that gathers by open recruitment to play the XNUMXth by the hands of Kawagoe citizens and is engaged in music activities.

Koedo Kawagoe Ninth Party Concert
Date and time: Sunday, December 12th Open 5:12 Start 30:13
Price: All seats reserved S seat 1,300 yen / A seat 1,000 yen / B seat 500 yen
Venue: Westa Kawagoe Large Hall 

Conductor: Erika Kiko
Concertmaster: Hiroo Mizuyama
Orchestra: Koedo Kawagoe Ninth Society Orchestra
* There will be no chorus appearance in this year's performance. 

Elgar / "Enigma Variations" to "Nimrod"
Beethoven / Symphony No. 5 "Fate"
Dvorak / Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"
* Beethoven / Symphony No. 9 will not be performed this year. 

Organizer: Koedo Kawagoe Ninth Association, Kawagoe City, Designated Manager NeCST
Sponsor: Kawagoe Philharmonic Orchestra 

The detail is Westa Kawagoe homepage (external site)

Inquiries: Westa Kawagoe Designated Manager NeCST (Next)
     1-17-17 Arajukumachi, Kawagoe City 049-249-3777 

Access: Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the west exit of "Kawagoe Station" on the JR Kawagoe Line and Tobu Tojo Line (by train)
     Approximately 2.5km from Kawagoe IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway (in the case of a car)