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[Extension] Travel!Notice about Saitama Discount Tourism Support Campaign

2022.07.15 News

It is carried out until July XNUMX, XNUMXth (Thursday), Reiwa."Travel!Saitama Discount Tourism Support Campaign ”Price discount and coupon distribution periodExtended until August XNUMXst (Wednesday).
From the trip on July XNUMXth (Friday), Saitama citizens will also be required to confirm negative results by three vaccinations or PCR tests as a condition for using the campaign.
Also, distribution has already been completed."Tokutoku Saitama!Tourism support campaign ”The usage period is also for the coupon ticket ofExtended until September XNUMXst (Thursday).

♢ For details of this campaign, please see the following site.

Let's travel to Saitama at a great price! "Travel! Saitama Discount Tourism Support Campaign" now in progress! !! | Saitama Prefecture Official Tourism Site Chocotabi Saitama (

♢ Click here for inquiries regarding this campaign ↓

Campaign Secretariat: 0570-666-723
(Weekdays 8: 30-17: 15 * Closed on weekends and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)