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You can get a red stamp!Store special feature

In Kawagoe, "You can get a red stamp!Shrines and temples special featureIn addition to the ones introduced in ", you can also get a red stamp at the following spots ♪

1 Kawagoe Kaeru Jinjana Churira Kawagoe Kaeru Shrine (Naturila)

Kawagoe Kaeru Shrine is located in front of the shoe store "Naturila" near Motokawagoe Station.This shrine was built by the owner of "Naturila", who serves as a mountain guide, in prayer for the safety of mountain climbing ("safe frog").In addition to the safety of the destination, the meanings of "rejuvenating", "changing oneself", "buying what you want", etc. are also included in the frog, and many people come to visit for profit.
The red stamp of Kawagoe Kaeru Shrine is designed with an illustration of a frog as its name suggests, and it is a very cute red stamp.There is also a January-only New Year's version of the red stamp. * The red stamp is only available for writing.
Frog amulets and key chains are also sold in the store, so why not try them with your red stamp?
* You can visit and get the red stamp only during the business hours of the store.

Store opening hours:
Every Thursday-Tuesday 10: 30-18: 00 (closed on Wednesdays)
* As of December 3, 12rd year of Reiwa, it is open for a short time from 24:10 to 30:16.
In addition, New Year (January 1st to 1th) is from 5:10 to 00:15.
Please check with the store for details.

Spot information

Kawagoe Kaeru Shrine (Naturila) Kawagoe Kaeru Jinjana Churira  

1-5-1 Nakahara-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama (inside Naturera)

2 Coffee Inarizushi Coffee Inari Shrine (Cafe Mon)

Next to the coffee roasting place "Coffee Mon", which is located on the alley of Taisho Roman Yume-dori, there is "Coffee Inari Shrine" where Coffee Inari is enshrined.
The red stamp of Coffee Inari Shrine is only for writing, and all the red stamps and offerings are used to fund the schooling of children living in orphanages.
Inari-sama's red stamp that protects the shop surrounded by the scent of coffee.Please visit and get it during the store's business hours.

Store opening hours:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9: 00-18: 00 (last order 17:30)
(It takes 1 to 2 hours to hand over the red stamp when it is crowded. Please make a reservation by phone in advance.)

* You can get the red stamp only during the business hours of the store.

Spot information

Coffee Inari Shrine (Cafe Mon) Coffee Inarizushi  

1-1 Nakacho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture (inside Cafe Mon)

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