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Kawagoe Cool Sweets Feature -Drinks-

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Cool off the hot summer sightseeing in Kawagoe with cool sweets and drinks!

In this special feature, we will introduce recommended drinks for this summer 🥤


  1. Udagawa and
  3. Nagamineen Kawagoe Fudanotsuji store
  4. lemonade by lemonica
  5. moon rabbit
  6. University Potato Kawagoe Iwata
  7. Hundred foot shop

■Kawagoe Cool Sweets Special - Shaved Ice Edition -Click here for the guidelines.

■Kawagoe Cool Sweets Special -Ice Edition-haClick here for the guidelines.

1 Udagawaya Udagawa and

Hiyashi Ame

<Hiyashiame> is a drink made by dissolving [malt rice cake] in hot water, adding domestic ginger juice, and chilling it.
It has about half the calories of sugar and is a classic summer staple.
We also offer "lemon flavor", which contains organic lemon juice instead of ginger flavor.

Spot information

Udagawa and Udagawaya  

2-10-5 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

2 Hatsuneya Garden HATSUNEYA GARDEN

XNUMX types of floats

In addition to the classic popular cream soda, tropical soda and cherry soda are newly introduced this summer.Vanilla ice cream and sherbet are topped on refreshingly popping carbonic acid.Please enjoy a cup full of refreshing feeling full of freshness of fruit.

Spot information

HATSUNEYA GARDEN Hatsuneya Garden  

1-9-8 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

3 Nagamine Nagamineen Kawagoe Fudanotsuji store

cold matcha

High-quality matcha with strong umami and sweetness, and Sayama matcha with just the right amount of astringency
Cold matcha blended for takeout.
A summer-only drink with a refreshing taste that goes down smoothly
Please try it. (sugar-free)

Spot information

Nagamineen Kawagoe Fudanotsuji store Nagamine  

2-2-5 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

4 Lemonade by Lemoni Lemonade by Lemonica Kawagoe

lime shot lemonade

Lemonade recommended this summer with refreshing lime slices

Spot information

Lemonade by Lemonica Kawagoe Lemonade by Lemoni  

2-9-19 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

5 Rabbit moon rabbit

warabi mochi drink

An incredibly beautiful drink with a rich texture and an addictive warabi mochi that goes down smoothly in the throat.A taste you will never forget! !

Spot information

moon rabbit Rabbit  

8-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

6 Daigakuimo Kawagoeiwata Daigakuimo / Kawagoe Iwata

Fruits, popsicles, squash

A colorful squash with frozen fruit inside.
Fruit popsicles to drink!
All XNUMX types are now on sale.

*There is also a bell store (15-26 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City)

Spot information

Daigakuimo / Kawagoe Iwata Daigakuimo Kawagoeiwata  

1-8-17 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

7 Mukadeya Hundred foot shop

"Kura" Soda

An original cream soda from Motariya, inspired by the black walls of a storehouse.
If you look closely at the glossy black chick, it has a deep bluish-purple color.
I mixed this with berry syrup and reproduced it.
Please enjoy Kura Soda, which is unique to Kawagoe.

Spot information

Hundred foot shop Mukadeya  

2-5-11 Matsuecho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

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