🍴 Lunch and dinner special for groups - Japanese food edition - 🎉
Koedo Kawagoe special feature
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🍴 Lunch and dinner special for groups - Japanese food edition - 🎉

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We will introduce restaurants that are recommended for group meals ✨Please use this when you are looking for a restaurant for lunch or dinner with friends or family 🍴 *For details on each restaurant, please see Please check the list below.Please note that additional seating charges may apply, so please check with each store before making a reservation.

1 Ichinoya

Eel, Japanese food

We have been using eel as our main dish since the third year of Tempo.We also prepare various Japanese dishes.

Spot information


1-18-10 Matsuecho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

2 Hatsukari Hatsukaritei

Japanese cuisine, kaiseki meals, lunch boxes

Enjoy Kawagoe's famous Unaju! !
Makunouchi bento box with potato dishes, stewed motsu (souvenir available).
About XNUMX minutes by car from Kurazukuri townscape.A large parking lot and spacious seats are available.

Spot information

Hatsukaritei Hatsukari  

61-4 Miyamotocho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

3 romantic support Romantic Sabo Umon

Potato steamed rice, Japanese food

You can enjoy a leisurely meal in a deep building that is unique to a castle town.
A set of sweet potato and sweet potato stalks and a special dish.
We also have a variety of sweets such as anmitsu and matcha set.

Spot information

Romantic Sabo Umon romantic support  

1-6 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City

4 Koedokuro Pig Teppanyaki Koedo Black Pork Teppanyaki Kaiseki Ono

Teppanyaki Kaiseki

You can enjoy Kawagoe's specialty "Koedo Kurobuta" in the style of "Teppan Kaiseki".
How about some freshly picked farm vegetables and seasonal seafood?

Spot information

Koedo Black Pork Teppanyaki Kaiseki Ono Koedokuro Pig Teppanyaki  

27 Yanaka, Kawagoe City

5 Washoku Daikoku Kawagoeten Washoku Daiku Kawagoe store

Eel, Japanese food

Daikoku is a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy eel dishes and Edo Kaiseki cuisine.
There are also private rooms and halls, for life events such as eating, meeting, Shichigosan,
It is also used for entertainment, banquets, memorial services, etc.

Spot information

Washoku Daiku Kawagoe store Washoku Daikoku Kawagoeten  

103 Higashiura Sunashinden, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture (Kawagoe store)

6 Tenuma

Tempura / Japanese food

Our tempura carefully selects the ingredients for each season, and offers the unique taste of the season.
We are committed to the cooking method that has been handed down for XNUMX years and the reliable connoisseur of the ingredients, and we promise the taste that will never change.

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1-14 Nishikosenba, Kawagoe City

7 Kawagoe sushi Kawagoe Ko Sushi

Sushi / Japanese food

1 minute walk from the warehouse-style townscape.
Muslim friendly/Vegan friendly

Spot information

Kawagoe Ko Sushi Kawagoe sushi  

1-13-7 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture (Member name: Takahiro Co., Ltd.)

8 Koedokurari Taishogura “Hashutei” Koedo Kura-sato Taishozo “Hasshu-tei”


Please spend a relaxing time in the spacious space, which has been renovated from a sake brewery built in the early Taisho period.
Enjoy locally produced food that Little Edo Kawagoe is proud of, paired with the famous Kagamiyama sake.

Spot information

Koedo Kura-sato Taishozo “Hasshu-tei” Koedokurari Taishogura “Hashutei”  

1-10-1 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City Kawagoe City Industrial Tourism Center Koedo Kura Sato

9 Soba Gozen Musashiya Soba Gozen Musashiya

Soba/Udon/Japanese food

This is a handmade soba and udon restaurant.
Please use it not only for meals but also for lunch.

Spot information

Soba Gozen Musashiya Soba Gozen Musashiya  

121-1 Fukuda, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

10 Teppan / Kaiseki Kurama Iron plate, Kaishi Kurama

Teppanyaki/Kaiseki cuisine

``Enjoy seasonal sake and gourmet food in a space filled with the atmosphere of Kyoto.''
Splendid kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients and teppanyaki cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients.
Enjoy the skillful craftsmanship and luxurious space to your heart's content.

Spot information

Iron plate, Kaishi Kurama Teppan / Kaiseki Kurama  

1-668 Mitsuhashi, Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

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