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Holding period: 2022/04/30 (Sat)

Kawagoe Youkai Town Walk

~ Kawagoe Municipal Administration 100th Anniversary Project ~ "Kawagoe Youkai Town Walk"

It is an event to walk around the town while finding the youkai that appeared in Kawagoe using the iPhone application "Yokai Collection".
* Even if you have an Android device or do not have a smartphone, you can participate with the stamp rally mount distributed on the day.

[Guided tour schedule]

February 2022, 4 (Sat) 10: 00-16: 00

[Meeting place / time]

Hatago COEDOYA(8-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City)
10: 30/12: 30/14: 30 * Required one and a half hours

* You can enjoy the "Yokai Collection" and the stamp rally without participating in the guided tour.

♢ Please see the following site for the details of the event.

㊗️ Kawagoe Municipal Government 100th Anniversary Project "Kawagoe Youkai Town Walk" | Kawagoe Mass Media (koedo.info)


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