2. About the use of the photo library

You can use it only if you read and agree to the following terms.

○ Regarding the application method

If you would like to use the photo, please fill in the required items in the designated format and apply to the Tourism Association.In addition, it is prohibited to duplicate or divert it for secondary use without permission.In addition, depending on the purpose of use of the applicant, we may refuse to provide rental photos.
* It takes about one week from application for low-quality images and about 1 days for high-quality images until the images are sent.
However, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are excluded.

○ Regarding image processing

For whatever reason, please do not use the "rental photo" for any purpose other than the purpose of the application.Also, do not perform image processing such as photo composition, transformation, color conversion, and trimming other than resizing.

○ Regarding the number of rental pixels (high image quality and low image quality)

If you want a high pixel and credit-free image, we will lend you the image for a fee.The usage fee is XNUMX yen per photo, so please transfer it to the financial institution designated here.In that case, please bear the transfer fee by the customer.After confirming payment, we will provide it as digital data (format JPG) by attaching it to an email.The usage fee once transferred will not be refunded for any reason.

Low pixelHigh pixel
SizeApproximately 600 x 400 pxApproximately 3000 x 2000 px
creditwill get No
Usage fee(Rent)FreePay

○ Regarding contact after use

After using the rented photo, please be sure to send a copy of the used printed matter to our tourist association.For items that can only be confirmed on the Internet, please mail a color print of the HP.If you do not reach the secretariat after the scheduled date, we may contact you.

○ Regarding various rights

It is not provided including the copyright.The copyright of the rental photos belongs to "Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association".Also, please note that the same photo will be provided to other applicants.
The Tourism Association does not have any rights such as portrait rights, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, usage rights, etc. regarding persons, articles, places, etc. included in "photographs" unless otherwise specified.Please process these rights on the side of the user of the "photograph".In addition, the Tourism Association is not responsible for disputes regarding these rights.Please note that these license fees are not included in the usage fee.
The "photographs" lent by the Tourism Association are protected by copyright law.In case of unauthorized use or unauthorized use, you will be required to pay the penalty damages as stipulated by the Tourism Association.